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Taste The Northeast!

Enjoy The Flavours Of The Strathbogie Ranges.

Taste the simple, natural, organic flavours of the High Country - from the olive groves of Marraweeny to the farmland above Lake Nillahcootie. 

Our Story

At Strathbogie Flavours we are four generations of passionate food farmers/gardeners, cooks, sharing abundant produce and to now accidental olive farmers.
We produce Organic Kalamata, Picual, Frantoio and Manzanillo olives into award winning extra virgin olive oil, table olives, we also blend herb and spices into a range of flavours that have graced our dining tables for as long as we can remember, we have always been in tune with nature and its gifts, and we are always looking at increasing our yields until one day we can produce every aspect of our ingredients for our herb & spice range. Our Wild blackberry Leaf Tea is an amazing product which can be used as a hot or cold drink or as a mouth wash for gingivitis or soothing tonic for a sore throat or digestive issues.
The Great Grandmother is still strolling through the garden daily, with her green thumb, nothing is planted without her blessing.
Grandmother, is retired from corporate life disconnected from the land, and now is the main driver of the grove and listens closely to the olives, when the olives are blushing it is time to call out to all hands on deck.
The Grandson/Son and Granddaughter/Daughter packs up their families into the car and makes their way to Marraweeny for the harvest season.
The Great grandson/grandson/son, has one role, keep everyone entertained while in discovering mischief.  
Harvest is always an event we enjoy with family, extended family and friends, nothing is achieved without collaboration of people, food, laughter and a little wine. We all stay after work at Marraweeny Olive grove cottage, where every bed is occupied by a tired body, and sleep is quick to arrive.
In Marraweeny Victoria the olives, are harvested from the end of April to end of June, as a community we gather together for the hand harvest and the mechanical harvester arrives to shake the trees and take the olives for immediate processing in Markwood Victoria. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ready to picked up and returned to the grove to be placed into stainless steel tanks where we put it to bed for 8 weeks while the oil settles and clears. The table olives are handpicked and gently placed into a brine bath for 12 months until they are tasty and ready to be placed into jars. The herb & spices are selected from the best sources as required, the lemon myrtle and cinnamon myrtle from Western Australia and we are growing, garlic chives, garlic, hot red peppers (vezenka a Macedonia variety of hot pepper), parsley, sage, oregano and lemons in Barjarg Victoria. The wild blackberry grows in Barjarg organically and naturally, to keep them contained we harvested them, well protected from the thorns.
We are members with Goulburn Strathbogie Olive Growers Association Inc (GSOGA), Australia Olive Asoc (AOA) and The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA), as it is important to us to produce the very best products we can every year, maintaining quality and flavour with the shared knowledge from these industry organisations,  we are supported with a wealth of knowledge and education.

We produce a range of simple, natural, organic products!

  • Blackberry tea

  • Dukkah

  • Spices

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Table Olives

Certified Products

Marraweeny Olives is a NASAA Certified Organic business.


Only your imagination limits your use of any in the range of pre mixed spice combinations available from Strathbogie Flavours. My personal favourite is a sprinkle of hot & spicy in polenta as the outside coating for eggplant parmigiana, yum. And their wild blackberry leaf tea can only be described as sublimely delicious.

Howes Creek, Vic

Herbs and Spices

Our healthy options include products with digestive benefits and benefits for diabetics.


Blackberry Tea

We pioneered the use of blackberry tea to alleviate gingivitis, mouth sores & pain. And, it's delicious too!


Olive Products

Olives and extra virgin olive oil from the organic Marraweeny olive grove and the slopes opposite Mount Buller.


Featured Herbs and Spices


Featured Olive Products

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    Marraweeny Olives.

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  • High Country Produce

    Simple, Natural, Organic.

Customer Reviews


The hot and garlicy is great in soups, sandwiches, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish, seafood, tofu, roasted vegies, salads and on garlic bread. So good and tasty.


Werribee, Vic.

As Seen On Medicine or Myth

Blackberry Tea for superb oral health.


Two packets of each one, please, that will hold me until next time.
Everything tastes better. One of our favourites is the hot & lemony nuts and the hot & herby spag bol. Easy!


Tarneit, Vic.

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