Sweet & Spicy Banana Split

By Dani Arsov | 15 February 2023

The Classic Banana Split, with a sweet & spicy twist. Ingredients: 1 banana, peeled and cut lengthways Sweet & Spicy Coconut sugar 1 tsp unsalted butter 2 scoops vanilla ice […]

Orange mini cakes

Orange mini cakes – with extra virgin olive oil

By Dijana Cane | 30 December 2022

Orange mini cakes Moist deliciousness without the guilt Lovely texture and unique flavour, make your baking stand out and impress your guests with a side of creamy vanilla ice-cream. Ingredients […]

Flavour your Christmas 2022 – sprinkle, shake, pour or toss

By Dijana Cane | 16 December 2022

How to flavour Christmas Its easy to give a old menu a new look and taste…yum Sprinkle Sprinkle and rub well any of our herb and spicy range on your […]

Sweet & Spicy Shortbread biscuits

Sweet & Spicy Shortbread Biscuits

By Dijana Cane | 11 December 2022

Sweet & Spicy Shortbread Biscuits Buttery cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla biscuit, so delicious…try and have one only Ingredients 60g Sweet & Spicy Coconut Sugar 185 g Butter 130g (1 cup) plain […]

Table Olives Salt Cured Recipe

By Dijana Cane | 9 May 2022

Recipe – Table Olives Salt Cured Ingredients Olives Sea Salt 50% of the weight of the olives   INSTRUCTIONS Pick your olives, choosing the fattest, darkest olives. Squeezing an olive […]

Table Olives in Brine Recipe

By Dijana Cane | 9 May 2022

Table Olives in Brine Recipe Ingredients Olives Sea Salt Filtered Water or boiled and cooled water   INSTRUCTIONS Pick your olives, choosing the fattest, darkest olives. Squeezing an olive should […]

Sweet & Spicy Carog Bean Beverage

Sweet & Spicy Carob Bean Beverage

By Dijana Cane | 26 March 2022

Sweet & Spicy Carob Bean Beverage Hot or Cold   Carob beans are delicious, just like that. Raw moist and chewy, a natural caramel sweetness, dare I say a raw […]

Field Mushrooms & Buckwheat pearls

Creamy Field Mushrooms & Buckwheat

By Dijana Cane | 21 March 2022

Creamy Field Mushrooms & Buckwheat and a pinch of Hot & Spicy When nature surprises you with mushrooms… make room Extra rainfall and dampness, allows the mushrooms to breathe life. […]

Hot & Garlicy Eggplant Jerky (Vegan)

Hot & Garlicy Eggplant Jerky (Vegan)

By Dijana Cane | 2 March 2022

Hot & Garlicy Eggplant Jerky (Vegan) Ingredients 4 large eggplant – Sliced length way is best, ½ cm works well. 1/2 cup of Soy or Tamari 1/2 cup of Honey […]

Melina’s Potato & Pea Patties.

By Dijana Cane | 7 October 2021

Melina’s Potato & Pea Patties. Left over mash, so versatile Melina has another name for this dish ‘Lazy Tucker’ fresh home garden salad and home made mayonnaise. Ingredients 2 C […]